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We follow the child in education and care. Joy, academic excellence and peace is plentiful in this child prepared environment.

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Joan's Corner

The importance of Fathers Day!

by Joan on 06/20/16

Fathers have a great impact on children’s development.  Fathers often engage and interact with the child during normal daily activities such as bathing, changing diapers, and feeding.  According to the Center On the Emotional and Social Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) “Evidence shows that the quality of interactions in a father-child relationship positively impacts the cognitive, social, and moral development of young children.”

Here are some resources you may be interested in concerning fatherhood and its importance to early childhood development:

National Fatherhood Initiative

The Fathers Network

The Center for Successful Fathering

The Fatherhood Project

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Fatherhood Initiative

Teaching Children About Flag Day

by Joan on 06/15/16

     Yesterday we celebrated Flag Day as part of our daycare program curriculum.  Sharing the meaning of important days is important to increasing the children’s awareness of various cultures.  Flag Day provides an opportunity to teach about American History and the adoption of the flag of the United States.

     After working on creative art projects with the flag, we sang patriotic songs.  Then, we marched in order with our flags around the yard.  The children had so much fun and the community waved at us with plenty of smiles.

     At Educare dei Montessori, we celebrate a variety of cultures.  Early childhood development requires sharing ideas and concepts on a variety of subjects.  According to the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, “Culture plays an essential role in how children make sense of the world”.  We teach children about important symbols and their meaning.  This helps children recognize and organize in a way that improves their ability to handle basic human challenges of practical life.

Flower Gardens

by Joan on 06/14/16

We have our flower garden planted!  The children love to water flowers and we carefully watch them grow.  It is important that children observe plants during all stages of development.  From planting seeds to picking flowers, from removing dead flowers to overwatering, children delight in gardening.

Graduation 2016

by Joan on 06/13/16

Hello everyone!  We had a most successful graduation on Friday.  Thank you to all the parents who made the event so fun.  The theme this year was “Hawaiian” and everyone had a great time at the luau.   

We will miss the graduates, but wish them the very best as they grow into higher levels of education.  Now, it’s time to have fun during summer and increase our outdoor activities. 

There are still a few places open in our summer program.  If anyone needs childcare for the summer, just let me know as soon as possible to reserve your place.

Summer Will be Amazing

by Joan on 05/08/16

We are so excited as we prepare for summer and our educational programs.  We have indoor and outdoor activities that will inspire your child's imagination with adventure.  Childhood curiosity and experimentation will foster dreams as children enjoy fun singing, dancing, and crafting. 

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