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Carson City Daycare Lessons designed by our Director Joan Lepas M.A. Education 
Nurturing education program with a focus on learning through play based on age appropriate objectives. Social skills and creativity enhance through music, art and drama.

We follow the child in education and care. Joy, academic excellence and peace is plentiful in this child prepared environment.

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Joan's Corner

Summer 2015

by Joan on 06/01/15

Hi everyone, summer is here and this is what we are up to!  :) 

In our "dramatic play area" we have set up an indoor camping area with a tent and some camping play activity items.  Children are learning how to pack for a camping trip and how to make a list, while determining what items they will need. 

Our flower garden is very pretty this year and the children take turns watering the new plants.  On the curriculum for science is "parts of a flower" and "all about ants".  For "health and safety" we are "washing hands", completing the "fire-drill", learning "walking-feet" and practicing "the golden rule".  

The older children are learning poetry with the poems "The Crocodile" and "Hippopotamus".  The younger children are learning the sounds and shapes of letters.  For social studies we are learning the importance of the farm.  For Geography we are learning the globe and maps, focusing on "Continents".

We hope everyone will have a very safe and happy summer!  


by Joan on 06/01/15

Our graduation party and pot-luck was such a success!  The children demonstrated what they have learned and each child was given a diploma as their picture was taken with the Director.  

Our graduates consistently score among the highest in evaluations when they enter their new programs.  We wish all our graduates the warmest of farewells and hope their education continues with excellence.   

Raffle Prizes Additions

by Joan on 08/28/14

Hey Everyone!

The raffle is on and we have some additional prizes:

Calvin Klein perfume, Secret Obsession $40.00 value
Beauty Basket $75.00 value
Workout Tote with workout supplies  $50.00
Little Mac Sixty Second Burger Machine  
Lavender Beauty Bag  $25.00
Hot Wheels Truck with 30 Hot Wheels Cars  $45.00


by Joan on 07/29/14

We have 2 gardens this year.  One is called Lori's garden and the other is Lupe's garden.  Many thanks to both of these ladies for all their help with the gardens. 

Lori's garden is full of color.  The flowers are growing and the sunflowers are now higher than most of our children.  The children have been observing the bumble-bees and this has initiated our insect lessons.  Terms like "observing", "pruning", "sowing", "harvesting" and "roots" are all new additions to our vocabulary.  The older children have learned the parts of a flower and are ready to take home their art projects.  The children are excited about harvesting the sunflower seeds.  There are daily observations of the center of a sunflower.  

In Lupe's garden, the children observed the depth required to plant seeds of different types.  They have asked questions like "why are some seeds growing up and some are not".  They understand that in Nevada lot's of water and sun are needful.  The children are able to identify and name some of the plants such as the tomato and corn plants.  They have learned not to step on the plants while weeding or retrieving a lost ball during playtime.  

Summer Raffle

by Joan on 07/29/14

We would like to thank everyone who donated prizes for our summer raffle that will help us to raise money for the renovation of the playground.  We would like to especially thank Home Depot and our parents.  We also appreciate Greydons mom, Sue, who will be going to local companies requesting donations.  

So far, we have the following prizes available:  
2 twenty dollar gift certificates to Mings Restaurant
2 twenty dollar gift certificates to Basque Restaurant
New Fisher Price Surprise Sound Park and Ferris Wheel ($64.99 retail value)
New Fisher Price Zoo Animal Talkers ($79.99 retail value)
New Mr. Coffee 12 cup programmable ($35.00 retail value)
New Danskin Yoga Mat
New Rubbermaid 28 Piece Storage Pack
New Small Roundy Ridge Camping Blanket
New Three Piece Locker Set
Lightly used Bicycle with training wheels

Keep watching for additional items.  Tickets are $1.00 each and the raffle will begin August 4th and run through September 12th.  You do not need to be present to win.  Call 882-3011 if you would like to buy tickets.

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