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We follow the child in education and care. Joy, academic excellence and peace is plentiful in this child prepared environment.

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Joan's Corner

Montossori Prepares for Spring!

by Joan on 02/07/13

Stay tuned for our update as we plan for Spring activites such as our Spring Concert and planting seeds indoors.

Winter Wonderland

by Joan on 11/28/12

We have sure enjoyed the fall projects surrounding our “Pumpkin Patch” and garden.  The children are learning how plants die when it turns cold and the days shorten.  We harvested pumpkin seeds, dried them, counted them and finally stored them away in paper bags for next spring.  We will continue the learning on the cycles of life.

Back indoors we have been studying family holiday customs like Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas as well as Veterans Day.  We celebrated the harvest season with a terrific family event and holiday party.  Plenty of food and fun were had by all!

 Right now the children are decorating the school and working with fun arts and craft projects.  We are making reindeer hand puppets out of cut outs & brown paper bags.  We are also reading some terrific stories.  Some of the books we are reading are “Snow Bear” by Piers Harper (a soft-to-touch book), “The Hat” by Jan Brett, “This is the Stable” by Cynthia Cotter.

Everyone is talking about the subject of “hibernation”.  We are reading the big book “Animals in Hiding” by Melvin Bryer.  The children are having fun looking around the school for hibernating animals.  So fun!  J

Hot August Montessori Days!

by Joan on 08/08/12

Wow, it’s really hot and “sizzling” and the children are having a summer time blast.  We have really enjoyed planting the pumpkin patch with both seeds and seedlings.  The planned veggie garden it now a flower garden because the children wanted to plant flowers and flower seeds.  Do you think it had anything to do with our study on “Parts of a flower”?  The children are looking for bumble bees and lady bug’s to visit our flowers.  Everyday children can be seen in the flower garden and pumpkin patch watering the plants.  You also may see a child planting a seed from what they had for a snack such as watermelon, peach and even apple seeds.   We may have to ask the children to change the name of the pumpkin patch but first we must see what actually grows.  Lol

Of course, in the heat, water activities are essential.  Children are enjoying the front yard grass area while racing around the “big flower sprinkler”.  We have available, 3 water tables with different activities such as learning what floats and what doesn’t, washing dishes and store items, and painting whatever they want to paint with water.   For practical life lessons, the children like to wash down the chairs and scrub the tables.  Creative activities like shaving cream, finger painting, and bubble activities are a big hit too.

The big news is that we have assembled the new play gym.  The children are enjoying climbing, sliding, and swinging together.  The BBQ was a great success.  Congratulations to Ms Kristi who is due to have a new baby girl toward the end of the month! 


Sizzling Summer Montessori Experiences!

by Joan on 06/22/12

"Summer Sizzle" is our theme for June, July, and August.  We use the term “sizzle” to indicate a more informal prepared environment with more outside activity time.  Our Summer Sizzle "buzz” is to focus on NATURE.  Botany experiences are expanded to include:

1) Parts of a real plant 2) Parts of a flower 3) Parts of a real leaf 4) Parts of a real root 5) Plant experiments

Be sure to see our new materials such as “Life cycle of a lady bug”, “Life cycle of a frog”, “Life cycle of a butterfly”, “Parts of a flower”, “Bird Identification”, and “Frogs on a log”.

We would like to invite you to help with our garden.  The back area of the school has been cleared for a pumpkin patch and the small area by the entrance gate has been cleared for our veggie and flower garden.  The children have been turning over the soil and we are ready to put our plants in the ground.  You can help by having your child bring in a plant for either the pumpkin patch or the veggie/flower garden. 

The Children have been enjoying the “water play” on Friday’s.  Another summer sizzle “buzz” around our school is…no one is to burn…so sunscreen lotion is applied to each child. Thank you for labeling your sunscreen with your child’s name.   Some parents are providing a towel and bathing suit for their child here so we can have spontaneous water days.

We look forward to the “crackle” of Fourth of July.  Keep an eye out for notices regarding our BBQ.   The children are practicing a number of patriotic songs with their Music Teacher, Ms Cook.   The advanced math teacher has been on vacation for 2 weeks.  We have created a “store” and children are learning how to use money.  Have a great “sizzling summer” everyone!  J

We Welcome Spring!

by Joan on 04/26/12

To Welcome Spring the children are growing things!  Potatoes, flowers, and believe it or not, weeds! Maria Montessori believed in teaching Botany to children at an early age.  We are focusing on Botany for the month of May! Ms Joan and children begin their botany study with a look at the life cycle of plants. Children learn the significance of plant life for animal and humans.  Children help plan the Friday “hot lunch menu” which includes different types of plants.

We plan to plant a garden like the one we had at our other school and we would appreciate help from anyone with a green thumb or anyone wanting a green thumb.  Everyone is welcome to join us. Remember the story of “The Little Red Hen”, if you help with the sowing you’ll reap the harvest. We will plant, harvest and use our veggies for our Friday Lunches.

You may remember our study of roots, stems, leaves, and flowers and fruits.  We appreciated the donation of flowers and fruits.  Children especially like dissecting the flower and labeling the parts with Ms Joan. We will be doing this again this spring.

We demonstrate the perfect “ecosystem” with our growing plant and fish bowl.  Students become aware of the importance of plants to the ecosystem.  We also demonstrate the needs of the plant using three plants.  One kept in the refrigerator, one is kept under the shelf, and one is in the sun receiving water as needed.  The children practice the scientific skills of observation and recording as they examine the plants each day and copy what they see into their journals.

Happy spring all!  :)

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